Truck Driver’s Village- Chitradurga

by Ar. Rohan Chavan

Programme: Mixed-Use Public | Location: Chitradurga

Site Area: 2.5 Acres | Built up area: 8000 sq.ft

India’s trade and transportation relies heavily on trucks and truck drivers, a profession that has seen rapid decline in numbers, due to negligible amenities and excessive responsibilities. At present, truck drivers have little to no restrooms or pit stops during long distance journeys.

The Truck Drivers Village is a campus that hosts an array of facilities that serve long distance truck drivers. The cluster has several access points, defining separate facilities for separate user groups. The project sits on a 2.5 acre site out of which the building occupies 7% of the site area and remaining area is open space, parking and fuel station. 

The village is designed as series of courts and verandas. The courtyards are equipped with community activities like eating, sleeping, entertainment and recreation. The community activities are supported with ATM, first aid, drinking water, toilets and bathing facilities, washing and drying clothes, salon, a convenience store and a workshop for trucks. 

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