Tourists Habitat with Turtles Sojourn

by Kanchi Parmar

|Save the One Who Laid the Golden Egg|

Mohan Upadhye, walked towards the upturned baskets, and we waited amongst the crowd outside the barricade. He picked up the basket and our eyes twinkled to see the hatchlings. The tiny creatures, who knew where they had to head, crawled on the sand towards the sea. The site was innocent. They had just come to this world and they were to fight the waves. The sound of the ocean probably gave them the direction that they could choreograph on their own. They swam against the tide once the waves touched them. The Olive Ridley Sea Baby Turtles faded in the ocean.’ After a touristy visit to Velas, I was dead set on to work over the upcoming design challenge. Yes! A Turtle Care Centre! I felt so much to the core for the little ones. Highly determined, I almost closed my eyes and made a fist. Only after my dialogue with Mohan Upadhye and close interaction with the locals, revealed the chapters, which lay within, and that I only saw the front cover.

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