दीन Aashraya

by Dev Kansana, Radhika Agarwal, Shivanie Khanka, Tulika Upadhyay

Constant negligence of the urban poor is an underlying structure in their day-to-day life. Ergo, at the time of a crisis, they find themselves lurching with a series of adversities like insecurity and spaces strewn with garbage. One in eight people lives in slums, sources UN- habitat. As the space required for social distancing is the only amount of space, they dwell in, a chain is created when a single person is affected. All of which makes the impoverished fall deeper into an abyss, leading to mass reverse migration – a painful eagerness of unfed hope. Perhaps, it is time to rethink the living conditions of urban poor and provide them with a sense of security.

Hastily constructed but inhabited for years this informal settlement is its own type of a city. Through this design process, we aim to solve the problem of sustainable materials that are locked away from the pockets of poverty even in normal times and construction skills easy to acquire, as these dwellers are often the architects of their own lives.

• The entire module is built on a space frame structure to protect the dwelling from flash floods, reducing material usage, and making it structurally sound.
• The bamboo walls act as a semipermeable membrane allowing sunlight and air to penetrate.
• The floor is made of cork where the corbelling and bracing systems allow the floor to sit over the bamboo walls.
• Light-weight polycarbonate panels for roof allows the light to travel every corner of the house with being a cost-effective alternative.

These prefabricated parts can be assembled by almost anyone and are recyclable at the end of their lives. This thoughtful design is a retreat, which acts as a small oasis in otherwise a drab world. Aiming to promote psychological and physical well-being because “Where there is life, lies the world.” says Indian Prime Minister.

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